Camphor Diffuser with Night Lamp

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Product Description

From the manufacturer

Shivansh Technology presents to you ‘Camphor Diffuser with Night Lamp.’

We understand the importance of safety and it comes first to us. Equipped with strong technology and advanced safety features, our products are the perfect fit for your home.

This night lamp aces a lot of features as an automatic on/off switch to inbuilt power saving technology. It is about safety providing an all round protection against shocks, electrical fuses and high temperatures.

Furthermore, this beautiful lamp perfectly blends with the decor of your place with its aesthetic appeal.

It's slick and attractive modern design add a charm in your decor and give eye-catching look of your home and office. Camphor (Kapoor) are traditionally used in India from many centuries. Camphor aroma creates pure and spiritual environment. Camphor aroma spreads positive energy in your surroundings area. Magical fragrance of camphor help to make a peace full mind and bring a good sleep. In winter, it helps to treats cold and cough and relieve throat congestion. According to tradition, camphor is use for treating many illness. Natural room freshener.

  • It is a multipurpose product which use for burning a camphor and cool night lamp.
  • It's come with shock proof design
  • Inbuilt electrical fuse protection & power saving features.
  • Inbuilt temperature control and safety features.
  • It is automatically ON & OFF after every 5 to 6 minutes. Because of this function product life is increase and save very much electricity.